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Animeyed by Flora Borsi

Flora Borsi is a young hungarian photographer and visual artist, author of the series of his self-portraits entitled "Animeyed" inspired at the wild and primitive soul hidden within each of us. Flora Borsi has already exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery and the Louvre and is one of the most interesting talents of contemporary photography. She loves the surrealism and in these self-portraits, digitally refinished with elegance, overlays her profile to an animal minding it well that the human eye is replaced with the animal eye.

The result is a duplicity of the gaze despite the eyes because the difference isn't only in so much different eyes, but how they see and read the world around them. The instinct and rationality are to reveal itself at the same time, by dropping the veil that wants them for millennia separated because of reason. "Animeyed" asks if we are truly children of Enlightenment or if, like animals, we live illuminated by our primordial sensations. The two subjects are integrated, blend and complement each other perfectly: the look of a creature half woman and half animal turn on many questions about instincts that we try to hide, crush, ignore or even try to suppress within us even if they are often driving today as thousands of years ago, our steps. 

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