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Antonio Croce, elegance and perfect fitting

Perfectionism and a spirit of initiative combined with creativity and passion are the fundamental principles that guide the brand's path Antonio Croce. A long and consolidated experience in tailoring and modeling allowed him to give life to shapes and volumes inspired by the perfect, cyclic and eternal geometry of the triangle, which is expressed in elegance and Made in Italy clothing.

Each piece by Antonio Croce is the result of a particular inspiration or an exciting experience. Travels, places, meetings ... Each piece tells a creation that starts from the choice of colors and fabrics and comes to the sketch. Thus the patterns are born, which come to life first as prototypes and then as samples, ready to be produced only when perfect.

Philosophy and technique create the synergy between the lines and the structured forms that accompany the soft coats, the gritty jackets and the sinuous and fluctuating dresses like those presented in Milan during the last fashion week.



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