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Antonio Grimaldi Bridal Couture s/s 2018

Antonio Grimaldi Bridal Couture is pre emtion. Every wedding collection signed by this italian couturier enlight a special universe made out by femininity, grace and sensuality. Talented couturier, Georges Chakra is giving us a new version of what is really Bridal high fashion. His gowns excape the parameters of space and time like all the real works of art.

Pink, ivory and liliac... Perfect in their design and in their fascinating geometry, they are enchanting thanks to their sophisticated and regal silhouette. In a triumph f precious material and fabolous embroidery among gkames of transpsrency and overlays, the ideal of great Wedding High Fashion is born as a kingdom where everything is possible. There is no challenging for Georges Chakra to approach that he cannot win. An absolute poet for beauty, with Antoio Grimaldi Bridal High Fashion touches  the top of the highest mountains of virtue and it becomes poetry on the move...

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