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ApeRoma, L'aperitivo Capitale in 30 top bar,


Situated at the Terrace of the Popes, the hotel Maecenas, December 17 was made an exceptional driving, discovering wine bar, roof garden, wine bars and places where you can taste a pleasant aperitif. ApeRoma, Aperitif Capital in 30 top bar, drawn up and implemented by seven friends where Roman is one published by Herder in four different languages, Italian, English, French and German.
What is new is the combination of recipes and snacks served with aperitifs: Everything can be tasted as well as in the places indicated by the guide, cooked and presented again at home on friends and family.
The authors, Cristina Faesler by Swiss French graduated from theater school Gassman of Florence; Anna Fluckiger, Swiss German, a teacher at the Swiss school in Rome, where all you have known; Martina Nied, Germany and teaches linguistics at the Roma Tre; Suzan Lippert she and German linguist; Laura Ulysses, the only Roman who deeply loves his city; Andrea Wohr, graphic designer and was responsible for the guide to the finest detail and finally Maria Christina Rigano, from Beirut to Rome with Love, he organizes fashion shows.
Over 100 people, including friends and relatives were able to sample the delights of the buffet prepared by Chef, Mr. Gentile accompanied by special cocktails Barman Romulus. Breathtaking views of the Eternal City with the Column of Peace and the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in the foreground.

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