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Aquaflor, Maison de Parfum made in Florence

For fans of perfumes, there is an exceptional place in Florence that can be a faithful custodian of a very ancient tradition and the epicenter of an art always in creative fibrillation, able to excite every time in a new and unexpected way . Poetic, surprising. It is Aquaflor, with a factory, laboratory, and the perfumer's studio, located in an elegant Renaissance building in the Florentine district of Santa Croce. Impossible not to stand before the elegant window and not be moved by the desire to enter to leave behind the frenzy of a world now almost colorless and tasteless and free their senses to discover another dimension of pure beauty. Here you can experience the whole atmosphere of the high perfumery that has been in Florence for centuries and one of the most magnetic and charismatic world centers for those who are looking for something absolutely unique and exclusive, light years away from the usual, trendy suppositories , commercial proposals. Far from any frivolous banality, here not only relives the history but it is made and tells a story always new through delicate notes of essences and perfumes that combine each other in an unparalleled symphonic harmony.

The Aquaflor collections, inspired by artistic perfumery, include perfumes, colognes, moisturizing waters, room fragrances and candles. But not only. Here relives the excellence of the most exclusive cosmetics with a line of handmade soaps, body creams and vegetable baths to be discovered.

The limited edition proposals created with extremely precious essences such as aoud, myrrah, Omani rose, osmanthus and oriental amber are truly extraordinary, from which, thanks to rare and complex olfactory agreements, wonderful kaleidoscopes of precious fragrances are born.

Strictly Made in Italy, and more specifically Made in Florence, with all the evocative emotional power that this word evokes with itself, Aquaflor proposes itself as a reference point for a high culture of perfumery capable of precious quotations and courageous experiments.

A real House of Perfume, as he likes to define this Florentine factory consecrated to the temple of essences for those in search of the essence of things using smell as a privileged experiential door to access his deepest desires and memoires.

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