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Art de la table Kasanova


The emotion of a magical atmosphere, full of details and decorations that exude celebration. 

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In the imperative to create a table setting at Christmas this year, the shops and the Kasanova site are a source of inspiration and creativity. You can enjoy creating your mise en place following the most current aesthetic canons. 

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Bohemian, bon ton, sober, original. Even the most eccentric style is by definition the most elegant! Kasanova brings everyone together in an alchemy of colors and suggestions, styles and designs, which offer a fascinating selection of proposals for a Christmas Eve dinner and a lunch on the 25th that are truly special and properly "decorated" (any way you wish). 

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For those who love white, for those who choose silver, for those who embrace gold, for those who want red or a fairytale table. Each has its own mood, from tablecloths to centerpieces, from plates to place cards, from glasses to cutlery, all to be discovered in an online virtual tour on or in one of the many stores. Kasanova, when the art de la table unleashes all fantasies...

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Press Office: Manuela Caminada

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