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Art is the food of the soul


If you surround yourself with "social" and live your days observing what happens, you don't understand or better, you don't live exactly what is happening around you. If instead your roots have a history, made of art, emotions and spectacular installations, then everything that surrounds you has another worth.

Matteo Maiorano 27 8 19 2

Art, literature "the knowledge" is food for our soul that is never satisfied with its hunger for knowledge ...
Maiorano Rome has built its brand on these healthy principles.

Matteo Maiorano 27 8 19 3

If you are captivated by a shape of a shoe, by its construction, by the perfect manufacture of details, by a design of impeccable modernity and luxury, then you realize that you are not only wearing a shoe, but a true work of art. The Maiorano Rome collections are not just simple shoes, but an architectural construction, made of design and elegance, rich in soft shapes that stand out for femininity and elegance.

Matteo Maiorano, founder and designer of the brand, was able to translate all this.
His creative talent nourished by art, gives life to his brand and his extraordinary collections.

Matteo Maiorano 27 8 19 5

Key word of the brand? Design, perfect manufacture, TRUE made in Italy.
To distinguish ourselves with worth choices, all that remains is to wear these extraordinary shoes of refined femininity.

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