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Arte Veneziana, an unconventional elegance

Arte Veneziana stands out in the world of furniture for excellence in the processing of mirrored glass, engraved and ground. With this brand the Zanin family has been interpreting the great lagoon artisan tradition for three generations, combining the productive know-how and the styles of the past with the search for contemporary languages ​​and new decorative forms.

From this rigorous and constantly updated work in the methods and technologies, collections of unique furnishing objects are born, expression of a contemporaneity capable of dialoguing with history and taste in a visionary and innovative way. This is why Arte Veneziana is the emblem of an idea of ​​high quality that embraces unconventional elegance with a background nourished by refined cultures.

Arte Veneziana's heritage of craft and production skills is based on an idea of ​​a business as a community, based on the enhancement of human capital and on the strategic education of the new generations to the values ​​of work, the culture of doing good and respect for the environment. The care of the territory is at the base of the activity of the company engaged in direct actions of analysis and control for the reduction and zeroing of the productive impact.

Designer and art direction of the company the architect Giovanni Luca Ferreri.

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