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Artisan tradition of an excellent Made in Tuscany brand


Quality and research are the keywords of Prosperine, a leading footwear company all ... Made in Tuscany.

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For over fifty years in Subbiano, close to Arezzo, Prosperine has created and produced in the purest and most masterful local craftsmanship, woman and kids footwear with the extraordinary ability to renew itself according to the seasons and fashions, but always maintaining, over the years, a meticulous selection of the materials used and scrupulous workmanship in detail.

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And it is precisely the passionate processing of the details that guarantees Prosperine to create iconic and hyper-feminine collections, thus characterizing the true identity of the brand.
The brand's quality and craftsmanship are combined with the ability to produce, in each collection, not only comfortable shoes, but also with style and elegance.

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The secret of Prosperine's success is not only being an excellent Made in Tuscany, but the constant research that the company employs to offer a unique and glamorous style, to satisfy every woman who never wants to give up elegance, to style and comfort.

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A wide range of collections are available in the brand's online store, but even a widespread distribution in selected boutiques always satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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