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Artisanal Christmas trees

From the shop windows to the living room: the super-fashioned Christmas tree in the shape of an evening dress has established itself in recent years as one of the most popular trends when trying to combine the most popular party of the year with the world of fashion. Short balloon or sumptuous by grand soirée, this year the fir tree, to be handcrafted at home, with savoir faire, creativity and imagination, using as a base a tailored bust, but not only, also lends itself to more authorial experiments with delicate inserts see through and even thematic decorations, such as the "shoes tree", dedicated to the most glamorous and glittering shoes, glittery or gold and red; the "bags tree" with mignon bags also multicolor for a funny effect while the more daring can even dress up with wonderful couture dresses with woven bodice like a basket and skirt decorated with long branches.

If you are favored in these handmade creations there are of course those who have knowledge of modeling and sewing and, above all, florists and flower designers, it is also true that with the many tutorials that run online is really impossible not to find inspiration for a Christmas tree far from the usual cliché, decidedly personal and of course very fun to make!


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