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Artist and craftsman in the essence, In Arte Giordano

Every artist has his muse from which to draw and they are the long trips and the encounters that make of this Brand, In Arte Giordano, the muse inspiring: ” always you learn from others and from the context: what I do is an internalization and a reinterpretation”. The study of the research of always wanting to experiment and venture new shapes, new chisels and precious materials are the genesis of this sculptor of the beautiful and the new of the contemporary.

The jewels In Arte Giordano have the soul inside these works that have nothing to envy to an installation of contemporary art because it is of contemporary art that feed these jewels.

When you choose a jewel we find ourselves wanting to express it by wearing our personality and it is the pure personality that reveal the fibulae, earrings, bracelets, hair clips, necklaces, pendants and its rings: all creations are simply... .extraordinarie.

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