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Arxi accessiores collection dedicated to ancient architecture by Konstantin Kofta

Architecture, fashion and history of art: their interactions were numerous in fashion with excellent results. For the upcoming summer 2016 the designer Konstantin Kofta remix these arts in a special collection limited edition called “Arxi” and dedicated to Magna Greece, Roman Empire and at Baroque architecture with rough leather bags and backpacks with a marble effect that is an experimental exclusive invention of this designer poised between antiquity and modernity.

His creations have fascinating shapes inspired by capitals, rosettes and Doric, ionic and Corinthian columns. Sculptor and architectural elements from ancient history, usually cult mastepiece for tourists or subject of study for historians and history lovers of art are transformed in original accessories. Respecting the original design, Konstantin Kofta catapult them into the modern world through a savoir faire purely handmade taking these art masterpiece through the streets of the contemporary world, getting out of museums and open air location where we used to admire them. 

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