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At auction the wardrobe of Audrey Hepburn

From cocktail dress signed by Givenchy Couture to mini coat created by Valentino Couture until several flat shoes in many different colors and Louis Vuitton beauty case. Just to mention some pieces of the wardrobe of Audrey Hepburn, one of the most admired diva of all the times for her charm and elegance. At London Christie's organized (live or on streaming, since 19 september) a great auction dedicated to the cult dresses and accessoires of this beautiful actress and muse. The auction was wanted by her two sons, Luca Dotti and Sean Hepburn Ferrer, who decided to keep for theirselves only a few pieces to which are more related sentimentally and with all the remaining make happy all the fashionistas around the world.

How can you resist, indeed, facing the possibility of buying her mythical Burberry coat? 

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