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Atavia, 3D uniqueness Made in Italy

In these last years 3D technology changed many sectors and especially those of fashion world. Thanks it designers can express tehirselves in many different way as atavia, a contemporary jewellery brand absolutely made in Italy and exclusive design.

Astonishing in boldness, originality and beauty, it is a spearhead in this area that stands out for its creations from allure poised between tradition and innovation, retrò but at the same time absolutely cutting edge.

Because if Atavia jewelry forms refer to the past, it is also true that the technology with which they are made is the daughter of a desire of the future that bully you breathe especally in the field of accessories.

Atavia has ideated an exclusive innovative material made from ceramics and polymers, totally hypoallergenic, named the "Ceramic" Velvet ", a special liquid resin produced by the laser.

Each piece is then finished handmade, also adding elements in steel and leather to make each piece more unique and exclusive. Besides Atavia also offers an excellent bespoke service: on its e-shop customers can compose their own jewelry Atavia combining colors, materials and shapes to obtain a customized and personalized creation, in the name of that uniqueness that has always been the real mark of the great Made in Italy.

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