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Atelier Martina Vidal Venezia, precious timeless embroideries

Sweet Venice hanging over the waters with stately buildings with spiers and columns carved with meticulous craftsmanship. Everything looks like an embroidery in this unique city in the world, the Serenissima forever that the world teaches the deeper meaning of the concept of uniqueness. Nothing has ever been nor will it ever be like her.

To quote the title of a bestseller, one can almost see "the solitude of the prime numbers". And Venice is a prime number. As well as everything that is Venetian. Suffice it to think about the precious and refined embroidery of Atelier Martina Vidal Venezia, an authentic paradise of pure beauty. In this exclusive Eden designed by the brothers Martina and Sergio Vidal, household linen is a pictorial painting on which to paint authentic masterpieces of style through the artistic technique of embroidery.

The age-old tradition of this wonderful craftsmanship, which knows how to make Art in every product in the collection, does not know the flow of time that has not only stopped here, but has no reason to exist as a dimension in itself because all that wonderful concet store realizes it is timeless and will remain such forever, handed down from generation to generation because if elegance is the only form of beauty, true beauty can not know the wrinkles of time, indeed, it becomes even more shining just with passing Some years.

It is not a paradox: is not it what happens for every great work of art that surrounds us?

Only pure Beauty has its own particular way of "passing", leaving indelible footprints and memories from year to year. And in this sense, passing is only pure movement, not going away but going, starting with the spirit of Marco Polo to adventure, towards that distant bank that can be glimpsed just on the horizon, but always with the awareness of having to always come back here, to Venice, a free and eternal port, because sometimes we leave only to admire our Paradise on the island of Burano from afar, from another perspective to love it and understand it even deeper.

Here art, tradition and craftsmanship are a magnificent triptych that for centuries the world envies us. A very rare combination because every element of this immortal triad is of subime perfection. How wonderful! What a charm!

A city like Venice branded the soul of its inhabitants who are amazing creatives who like Oscar Wilde are perfectly aware that there is nothing more in the world than modern.

So for four generations the Atelier Martina Vidal Venezia is dedicated to the production of Burano lace, making luxury linens for the home for a selected and demanding international clientele who knows she can find here all the exclusivity and uniqueness she wants , but above all extraordinary creations with which to surround yourself because true Beauty comforts, conquers, seduces, bewitches, excites.

The hand-embroidered linen by Atelier Martina Vidal Venezia, suspended between Yesterday and Today in an eternal Present of pure grace, daughter of the Serenissima and at the same time of a contemporary Made in Italy that has no rivals in the world, is handcrafted on fabrics fine as cashmere, silk, cotton satin and the finest linen yarns. An authentic charm to be experienced.

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