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Atelier Ricci, a kind of magic

Eclectic, refined and cultured, fashion designer Piero Ricci has all the experience and culture to give in his fashion collections all the magic of a dream that is renewed, powerful and exciting, at every fashion show and presentation.

Born in Lucca, already at 3 years, observing his grandmother's grace in creating tailor-made masterpieces, he decided that fashion is his destiny and today that he realized his dream does not stop believing in the emotion of that distant moment when he saw clearly his future, transformed today into a beautiful eternal present.

Esthete and lover of the beautiful and well-made, in the wake of the great tradition of Made in Italy, Piero Ricci, for about 45 years, in the romantic, mysterious and fascinating setting of Lucca, in her Atelier located in the ancient residence of the Marquises Mazzarosa, welcomes a sophisticated clientele among frescoed salons, sofas, carpets and curtains of rare beauty, always looking for something that is original and chic, in the name of timeless elegance.

Famous for having dressed authentic icons such as Mina and Ornella Vanoni, today with her daughter Patrizia, her irreplaceable right arm, she offers fashion collections characterized by perfect tailored dresses, full of details full of verve and femininity and made in the finest Italian fabrics.

Remarkable his line Bride with dresses whose harmony and grace are visually exciting.


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