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Athens by Berta, golden section inspiration

Berta, from collection to collection, is increasingly imprinting its imprint in the history of high fashion bride, leaving an indelible mark of its class and its truly inimitable style.

The bride in love, elegant, feminine and who wants to feel like a true goddess, diva and princess in the most romantic day of her life no more than choose a dress signed Berta and the new collection dedicated to Athens, "Athens", is a true masterpiece of very high tailoring, craftsmanship and creativity. Pure beauty to the nth degree, a perfect equation of glamor, sensuality and charm without any unknown, if not the woman who will have the immense pleasure of wearing one of these extraordinary creations. And we write "incognita", of course, in a positive sense because every woman is unique and special, absolutely unpredictable in her personality and deeper essence. An authentic mystery that has always fascinated poets and artists as well as couturiers as in the case of Berta whose wedding dresses are always very thought out, reasoned and are the result of experience, great dexterity and imagination as well as the desire to always overcome himself, amazing his customers with clothes of great visual impact. An authentic lightning strike.This time the inspiration comes from far away, from the muses of Homer and, through the centuries intact in all its magnificence until us who are heirs of the great classical culture. Magna Graecia is more alive than ever and Berta pays homage to her with a series of dresses that are part of the fall / winter 2019 collection and are a hymn to the Athenian aesthetic and sculptural harmony through silhouettes, cuts and models that are both classic and modern. An oxymoron? In no way. Everything coexists serenely in Berta's high fashion collections that refer to the golden section of Fidia, a famous sculptor and Athenian architect of 470 BC, whose geometrical and mathematical properties and frequent repetition in various natural and cultural contexts have aroused for centuries in the human mind the confirmation of the existence of a relationship between microcosm and microcosm, between God and man, the universe and nature: a relationship between the whole and the part, between the largest and the smallest that repeats endlessly through infinite subdivisions. Different philosophers and artists have come to catch on with time an ideal of beauty and harmony, pushing to search for it and, in some cases, to recreate it in the anthropic environment as a canon of beauty; testimony is the story of the name that in more recent times has assumed the appellations of golden and divine. Just like in the "Athens" collection by Berta.

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