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August Getty Atelier making imaginary worlds a reality


In becoming a season-less house of design, AUGUST GETTY Atelier innovates and uses cutting edge technology to introduce a new digital space, TINITUS, in collaboration with the Institute of Digital Fashion.

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TINITUS is an interactive new world that is designed to spark new and unexpected connections and in which AUGUST GETTY Atelier will present its name sake new couture collection.

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AUGUST GETTY Atelier’s Couture and creative design concepts originate from visions of the designer’s imaginary worlds. Their digital showcasing allows for an explorative journey of the August’s ideas and experiences that not only reflect the creative narrative but also the AUGUST GETTY Atelier belief systems where equality, inclusion and a new manifesto are the only rulers. By creating its very own digital universe, AUGUST GETTY Atelier will be able to engage in authentic, direct relationships with its audience and develop a most thoughtful brand experience for its community.

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Conceived as a digital journey in six steps, the first revelation will be presented in August 2020 with new elements being added each month. In this reimagined world setting, August will monthly present one or two new designs and their sound effects. Showings are scheduled between September 2020 and July 2021, with exact dates and times to be confirmed at the beginning of each month. Culminating experiences are planned for Paris Haute Couture in January and July 2021.
TINITUS can be visited until January 2021 on AUGUST GETTY Atelier’s social media platforms at and will then transition to an innovative website with an e- commerce platform. The website will provide visitors with an immersive experience and a place for social gathering in acceptance and wonder.


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