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Aurora & charme by Pia Mariani

The enchanting charm of Pia Mariani conquers whoever meets her: it emanates from a background of ancient nobility that in its profile find innovative contemporaneity.

First of all, that of the Renaissance masters of the goldsmith's art and their splendor at the origin of Milan's excellence.

And further back, his charm is charged with the colors of the Molisian skies of the centuries of Robert the Norman, when the breath of the wide horizons between Larino and Ururi intertwined with the essential and cosmopolitan wisdom of the Benedictine monks. Ururi, in the Arberesch language, means aurora, and was the name of an ancient convent site, which later became a small town in Molise in the heart of central Italy, the precious treasure chest of every Renaissance art.

A graduate of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, she received the praise in painting that underlines an undisputed talent of her artistic quality. In Milan he immediately started working as a designer for fashion creations, fabrics and posters. After being also wearer for famous fashion houses such as Pims, Soprani, Callaghan and Versace, just in Milan Pia Mariani starts a close contact with artisans and goldsmiths selected to study in detail micro-culture and techniques for creating precious objects, both as pieces unique that in series.

Each jewel is a unique piece, which emanates the exotic charm of distant worlds, inaccessible as a harem, as elusive as horses galloped by the nomads of the steppes. their grace refers to the collective imaginary of our possible orientations, bringing within itself the mystery of a deeply intimate feminine universe. hidden behind the veil of the curtains in the deserts, impenetrable like the hearts of women.

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