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Avantgarde or romantic, here are the hoods of the future

From the haute couture catwalks of the world to the final works of the new talents of the fashion of tomorrow, it is always a pleasure to admire on the catwalk on some enchanting atelier, showroom or tableau vivant happy as surprising renterpretations of the concept of hood and cape, two authentic classics of the female wary of all time.

At this point the innovation forks and there are only two paths that can be followed by a designer. There are those who love experimentation tout court and make creations with very innovative and hi-tech materials, with an original shape and consistency, which allows you to create something that has not yet been seen on the stage of fashion. Imagined, dreamed, maybe yes, but made so wonderfully real still not. But here is the magic of the New which is the engine of the world. Which does not mean that those who walk along the other possible stylistic journey do so without making any significant changes to what is already because as soon as everything changes already and the classic decorations like feathers and crystals know a second youth, it is as if on they raise a dawn full of beauty promises.

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