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Back to Paris

The Elisabetta Franchi advertising campaign takes us back to Paris in the 1940s. A femme fatale in a pinstripe suit and (faux) fur walks through the streets of the capital, and, crossing the threshold of a bistro, finds herself in a surreal déjà vu with a retro flavour. Inside the bistro it all comes to life: she meets a friend, and through their laughter, secrets and irreverent dancing they seem to rediscover the magic of "joie de vivre".The dualism of dream and reality is reflected in the contrasting of colour and black and white, in the mixing & matching of masculine and ultra-feminine lines. Suits, pinstripes and baggy trousers are expertly mixed with the elegance of dresses featuring bright embroideries, oriental patterns and alluring necklines. The campaign's protagonist is the beautiful Emily di Donato with her magnetic smile who embodies the idea of sophisticated and sensual woman perfectly rendered by Ellen Von Unwerth's mastery. Her partner is a captivating Frida Aasen. 

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