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BAHR, absolute relax in Rome

Getting a moment of relax during your day is essential to recharge your body and mind with new energy.

For those who have little time available between a commitment and the other, BAHR, beautiful Spa, Nail bar & Beauty center in the heart of Rome, offers a massage as intense as fast to optimize the time and get the best in terms of well-being.

A beauty ritual of just 25 minutes in which to let go to expert hands that will relieve any tension in the head, hands and feet. All in a very special atmosphere, suspended between interiors with refined contemporary design and the imperial remains of the ancient Terme di Nerone.

A truly unique contrast that no other Spa in the world can boast.

It takes only a few minutes to dissolve all muscle tension and feel full of energy again. This is not a luxury, but a gesture of love towards ourselves. Entering BAHR allows you to leave behind all the frenzy of everyday life and rediscover the center of gravity of your body and soul in an evocative regenerating ritual with an extremely effective detox effect.

This special massage was created by developing an innovative technique tailored to the psychophysical needs of those who have little time to relax and act in a vivifying way on the circulation, giving a unique feeling of vitality and well-being.

The customer sits down on the bed taking off shoes and socks to free their feet, while under the nape is placed a towel that partly covers the eyes so that it stays in the dark and relaxes more easily. Lie down and start the welcome ritual: warm napkins soaked with essential oils are slowly wrapped around the feet to clean them and create a very pleasant feeling of warmth that radiates to the whole body. To massage the feet, perfumed oils are used with rosemary, eucalyptus, juniper or lavender. You then move to the face, massaging it with specific creams. It focuses on specific parts of the face and neck, also focusing on the head if the client requires it and wants a revitalizing massage to the skin. Then you pass to the hands and ends gently with your feet.

Here is the winning idea of ​​this spectacular Spa near the Pantheon where everyone can experience the benefits of a truly complete sensory experience.

The uniqueness of a location that holds within it, like a precious casket, ancient mosaics and Roman columns of inestimable historical value, has allowed an extraordinary attention to detail. Here nothing is left to chance, like lighting that gives a dynamic effect with plays of light and shadows and interfaces beautifully with the natural light of the city in one of the most beautiful squares of historic Rome.

Peace, well-being, self-care: BAHR is a real enchanted island, where space, time, tranquility and relaxed pace offer the possibility of a serene and complete relaxation in an environment of timeless beauty.


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