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Bailiss Atelier "Something à la Mode”

 Fashion lunch & trunk show during Milan Fashion Week

Following the success during the Monte-Carlo fashion week and Alta Roma, atelier Bailiss is heading to Milan. The russian brand is showcasing during the Milan Fashion Week presenting the new pieces of its SS’19 collection and some of the most popular looks named “must-have” by the European press.

Atelier: Bailiss Atelier’s studio was launched in Moscow 2014 by Larisa and Alisa Baysarov, after having identified an important trend at that time. In an era of mass production and similar clothing styles, a new twist to individual tailoring and unique finishing inevitably had to happen to satisfy the emerging need. Therefore, the creative process in the Bailiss studio has consisted not only in projects co-creation with customers, but also in providing a unique experience. From the concept discussions to create the drawing, to samples and their final decorations to the production mixing complex machine with manual embroidery. This has now become the calling card for the brand. Embroidery appears not only on unique evening and wedding dresses, but also on everyday apparels: from suites to coats.

Coats of cashmere become the protagonists the collection presented in Milan. Here once again the embroidery comes to the fore, making each coat a unique art piece. Up to 35 different colors used with the machine embroidery speaks to the complexity of the approach towards the finished product. But Bailiss’ design complexity reaches its peak with manual embroidery. Many exacting hours of work are spent combining multiple techniques: embroidery crochet and sequins, bugles, rhinestones, pearls and beads.

Silhouette: According to Larisa Baisarova, this year’s designs are like classical music; avoiding unnecessary extravagance and flamboyance. Each dress in the collection embodies the search for new language and conversation in a complex cut. Darts, undercuts, assemblies and folds are denied their usual places so they play a harmonious dance with the female figure, not contradicting it, but, rather, giving it an exquisite compliment. The original emphasis is on the lines of the cut, accentuated by the machine embroidery and further expressed by hand beading.

Materials: Bailiss Atelier uses only natural fabrics, which will give special pleasure to the wearer.

Color: The selection of colors is always a place where a very intuitive approach works best. Calm blues, browns and greens are responsible for simpler yet elegant images. But the radiant shade of lavender, frank fuchsia and glowing red make their appearance in the most significant pieces in the collection.


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