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Balance between lines and shapes


Inspired by a strong passion and experience acquired over the years in the fashion sector, Marina Botier has launched the brand BOTIER, a jewelry line with a unique design.

Botier 24 8 19 2

Her collections are innovative and the classicism and modernity of her lines are the keywords of Botier, a brand that has been immediately approved by the public and the press.

Based in Anversa, Botier presents timeless jewelry that goes beyond traditional patterns, offering a modern design made from a perfect manufacturing and elegance.

Botier 24 8 19 3

The balance of lines and shapes are the strong point of the brand that offers jewelry for women who love elegance and want to wear a unique jewel, unrepeatable, as are the beautiful rings of the EYES WIDE OPEN or EYES WIDE SHUT double ring collection, become a distinctive and iconic sign of the brand.

Botier 24 8 19 4

All the jewels are made by the expert hands of craftsmen, selecting the best precious stones to make the jewels of the collection.

Botier 24 8 19 5

So if you are looking for a unique jewel and embracing your most intimate desires, Botier will satisfy your every fantasy.

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