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Bára Prášilová, ironic melancholy

Bára Prášilová, artist and photographer, wa born in born in the Czech Republic and currently lives and works in Prague. Specializing in Fashion, Bara Prasilova shots collect a considerable international success because they are almost if not "schizophrenic" at least "bipolar" in their expressiveness.

Among colourful and characterized by anppealing creativity, where the poses of her models are always original and even mimic the act of hang themselves with long hair braided has a simply quaint and ironic significance, she also play very well the darker notes of the soul with pictures full of melancholy. Surreal, almost groomy, yet fascinating because at the bottom they are a perfect symbol of light and darkness, kindness and wickedness, smile and tears, cheerfulness and sadness and all those thousand contradictions that make us a real human being able to fly high or dig obscure galleries into our soul.

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