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Bead ricami per la moda, handcraft and artistic sensibility


Mauro Grimaldi is the owner of Bead Ricami, italian leader in the execution of high fashion handmade embroidery. The creations of Bead Ricami point to the maximization of decorum to be given the task of embellishing the dress. The company performs embroidery of absolute quality for haute couture and prêt à porter, professionally made by the expert hands of its highly experienced stitchers. Bead Ricami works with passion and imagination, making the quality craftsmanship of its embroidery a strength of distinction and exclusivity.

Everyday life and research dedicated to embroidery make Bead Ricami one of the most prepared company in this area.

His creative staff interprets and develops all that fashion designers require, reaching, through careful study, where technical ability and artistic sensibilities are combined to get a true and authentic work of applied art, in the sign of the highest Made in Italy.

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