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Beauty has no differences

How many times have we paused to observe the scale that sadistically advances its hand without mercy to a weight that we hoped not to have?

Not to mention the mirror that looks more like an apnea challenge than a final style check before leaving ...

La bellezza non ha differenze 05 06 19 2

But who decided that skinny is equivalent to beautiful? History teaches us that in the past, the more the hand of the balance rose and the better was the social position, even today in many cultures the non-thin is synonymous with beauty and prosperity.

La bellezza non ha differenze 05 06 19 3
Of course, excessive overweight is not healthy at all, so respect for health first and foremost, but not being thin does not mean not being not beautiful or elegant. international companies that have created dedicated clothing lines.

Who of you could appreciate the lightness of the dancer's performance during Bilal Hassani's performance at the Eurovision which told of the differences?

La bellezza non ha differenze 05 06 19 4
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There are no differences: there is beauty when one has grace, when one has elegance, but above all when one has the culture of not incriminating any physical difference.

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