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Beyond the looking glass

Definitely cool and unmissable this collection of Gucci accessories and decorative accessories that certainly will appeal to those looking for a very personal touch to give to the environment in which they live and work. In these objects relives all the iconoclastic artistic spleen of Alessandro Michele, eccentric and eclectic creative director of the Florentine maison that has succeeded, from collection to collection, to conquer the whole world with his style, shadowing even Tom Ford that of Gucci was supreme stylist, pulling it out in the nineties from the shallows of a serious crisis and bringing it back to its former glory. But sic transit glory mundi.

Now everything seems forgotten. Now is the time of Alessandro Michele who is demonstrating an immense talent and an incredible nose for everything that is not trendy, it will never be, but nevertheless likes it because it is like a punch in the stomach, unexpected, a strong i determined to look beyond the looking glass, without fear, as he showed on the catwalk during his last show f / w 2018-19 with the models that paraded with the exact copy of their face in their decapitated version.

Many have turned up their noses, talking about the questionable sense of spectacularity with a slightly macabre taste. Yet it is perhaps this dark side of his that can be perceived in all that creates, the real strength of Alessandro Michele, the magnet that attracts the millenials with that idea of ​​forbidden, dark, mysterious and mysterious, almost a creative sabbath with an effect overwhelming.On the other hand, it is enough to read the names given to these objects for sale, in many variations, on the website of the maison.

Words like "Esotericum" and the symbol of the all-seeing eye have not been chosen by chance, like the saucers for incense with bees and other insects that have a precise symbolism.


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