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Bianchi e Nardi 1946, agatatura and other artisanal secrets

Timeless bags with iconic charm, precious creations in fine leather hide the secrets of the most refined craftsmanship. An ancient manual skill that has become the cultural heritage of three generations of Bianchi e Nardi, finding in each bag its most sublime expression.

Each bag is unique, as the woman destined to wear it.

The techniques used to treat fine leather, such as crocodile ostrich and python, are unique and geared towards the pursuit of perfection in every detail. Like all secrets, those of the Maison are handed down with extreme confidentiality from generation to generation.

Leather processing techniques have always been a milestone of the maison Bianchi e Nardi. In particular, one of the secrets handed down for three generations concerns the "gloss" that is given to the crocodile skin by a process called "agatatura". After being specially prepared, the leather is processed in contact with an agate stone, the only mineral capable of giving the surface a unique gleam. Tradition and craftsmanship combine to make each bag an exclusive masterpiece. 

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