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Blue Poppy and wild seasonal flowers

Named as one of the 'Top 20 most creative British florists' in the Telegraph, Blue Poppy is not traditional at all and she offers for weddings and special occasions a very amazing service because she felt in love with the Nature many years ago.

Her creativity is limitless. Particularly, she adores creating decorations for country style wedding, because in this place, so typically english, wild and chic she can use her favourite flowers grown in a natural way, in the earth.

She likes to collect these flowers in her family gardens created more than 30 years ago and rich of many beautiful flowers in bright colors or pastel.

She doesn't give up to buy some amazing flowers from the most excellent flower shop worldwide, but it is a rare event because she is a florist specialized in wildflowers. Bouquet, wedding cakes, decorations... In more than 2 acres to anyone who so requests how many varieties of always seasonal flowers are present in this beautiful garden, she cannot answer exactly. She and Mother Nature are so  connected... and many celebrities chose Blue Poppy for create something of very original for their events, especially weddings. Wild seasonal flower, so pure, so true, like the real Love.


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