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Blumarine launches the first rose-scented wallpaper

The revolutionary invention by Blumarine is called "Scented Wallpaper" and promises to revolutionize the world of home design.

In fact, it is the first scented wallpaper in the world. A great achievement for the Made in Italy research that in this case arrives first in a very competitive field like that of interior design.

Imagine then your favorite space carpeted by a print Blumarine fantasy that not only makes that room unique and special, but even is able, thanks to a revolutionary technology, to emit a delicate scent that lasts for years. And if it is the rosa the  symbol of Anna Molinari's house, naturally the rose will be the scent of this special wallpaper made in collaboration with Industrie Emiliana Parati.

All that remains is the embarrassment of the choice between the "Regina" line, rich in decorations; the classic line with the logo of the fashion house, the famous "B" made with a stylized flea pattern exalted by many small rhinestones and finally, last but not least, "Carpet of Roses", where, as the name suggests, everything is dedicated to queen for excellence of all the flowers, the rose, in many nuances and shapes.

Designed for a female clientele also given the fragrance to the rose, "Scented Wallpaper" is enjoying great success all over the world.


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