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Boccadamo and Swarovski International together to create unique jewels

Boccadamo worked successfully for years in the gold and silver market, both nationally and internationally. The history of Boccadamo began in the early nineteen eighties with the production of jewellery containing semi-precious stones. However, the turning point was in 1998, with the opening of the manufacturing district of Frosinone. The company is now noted for the production of silver jewellery of impeccable quality and attention to detail. This commitment and dedication to work have made Boccadamo a point of reference for people who love beautiful things.

In 2006, it launched the new line: Boccadamo Jewels, which is synonymous with quality and style and the ‘Made in Italy’ branding. A close collaboration was also started with Swarovski International to create unique items in terms of design and innovation. All of this has been accompanied by careful advertising campaigns, both nationally and internationally, which has put the company into the spotlight.

In the summer of 2016, fashion house officially presented to the public “Boccadamo Time”, first wrist watches line for him and her. A revolution in the twenty-year history, has always been dedicated to the fashion jewelry market, consistent with the vision and quality of the house style project. Fine design and timeless elegance for distinctive Italian creations. 




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