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Boldrini Selleria, a tuscan history of absolute beauty

A Made in Italy and, above all, a Made in Tuscany excellence: Boldrini Selleria is a leather luxury brand that made out authentic masterpieces of style in which innovative design and passionate love for the great ancient tradition are marvellously twisted together sublimating themselves into a perfect synthesis absolutely admirable in every creation. These are bags that strike at first glance thanks to decidedly original shapes and colors. How can you resist in front of such beauty? These creations are an ode to the great craftsmanship and a real passion for research and avantgarde experimentation that allow the creation of bags that are much more than simple accessories but  even the pivot around which the entire outfit.

Take a look at the beautiful website of this amazing tuscan brand: you will never believe how it was so  able to move the 'bar of absolute beauty and well made so ahead of the other competitors

But how do you think to beat a tuscan brand of luxury leather goods? It would take a miracle, so good luck to everyone ...

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