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Bottega d’Arte, the other side of Coralla Maiuri

Coralla Maiuri, versatile and versatile, for over twenty years creates works and installations exhibited in international galleries. In addition to ceramics, porcelain and tableware, he designs and manufactures furniture, lamps and fabrics that express the charm of his dreaming aesthetic but with an emphasis on practical use.

"When I make my own unique pieces, I have no limits and I do not need to design something reproducible, I feel animated by an anarchic and visionary attitude, in which I use furnace, clay and material temperatures in an arbitrary way, with surprising and unexpected results. Although it is a sometimes bumpy course I treasure it and it benefits all my work ". Thus the artist Coralla Maiuri describes his creative act for unique ornamental vases and objects, from the Bottega d'Arte series. All extraordinary pieces of delicate porcelain poetry that seem to belong to a fairytale and uncontaminated world.


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