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Bottega23, an excellence of Made in Italy


Italy is not only the cradle of western culture, a nation with enchanting landscapes or the country of art visited and studied from all over the world, Italy is also the country where there are companies that with love and passion dedicate every day all their savoir fair to create of products of excellence, enchanting and with an elegant and unique design.

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One of these is undoubtedly Bottega23, which by the will of two sisters, Francesca and Tiziana carry on a family history of manufacturing perfection.

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Their collections are distinguished above all by the scrupulous excellence of execution of their shoes. Each of their products, rigorously executed by master craftsmen, releases elegance and style: nothing is left to chance, every single product is made with top quality materials.

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From season to season Bottega23 presents unique collections, of true design, without ever renouncing comfort.
Distributed in select boutiques, Bottega23 shoes are also available in the brand's online store with a wide range of models and colors to always satisfy even the most demanding customers, who do not want to give up luxury and elegance.

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