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Bouquet and #Me Too movement

In The United States and United Kingdom, two countries since ever in love with experimentation in the world of fashion and especially now in that of wedding, the bride brings her bouquet directly on her head. Yes. Not more in her hands. The idea is making the traditional bouquet the focal point of her hairstyle or even an ornamental headgear by wearing just that day and only be removed at the end of the evening, when the party is over and the flowers have withered. If you wish, you will be able to retain some of these flowers, as brides do with traditional bouquet flowers but take a note, today more and more brides are refusing to launch at their single friends. At least the original bouquet.

Many brides order another similar bouquet, but smaller and less expensive. So for years, after all, no more bride launches the original bouquet: so it makes no sense to grab a copy! Luckily the New advances also in the wedding world because thanks to the #me too movement now it not seems so funny to see women forced to lend to this butade only because they are single women. Be single is not a curse to break thanks to a bouquet. Is it magic? We don't think so. It's better than the bride wears her flowers all day long and her guests have fun without thinking that to be a single woman makes them almost incomplete as human being. It's unfair. Bacheors had always have fun during these events, while single women are considered to be sad and jealous to the ball of which was able to be married. Apparently it seems that no single woman can love the bride that day. Also her closest friend are full of envy. But no bachelors feel the same for the groom. He is a loser. The bride catch him. Poor groom...It's time to stop to think in this way! So please, dear hair stylists, you have the chance to change this negative feeling creating fabulous headgears absolutely able to enhance every bridal dress in unique and extraordinary way.

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