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Boutonnière by Boutonnière

My Boutonnière is handmade, by Italian artisans in beautiful italian fabrics: silks, linens, cashmere, gros grain, piquet, damasks. On the bottom left of every boutonnière you will find a silver tag with the letters A.P. the initials of the creator, some have been embellished with particular stones: moonstone, agate, opal, onyx, hematite, labradorite, just to name a few. My Boutonnière is easily pinned to any jacket lapel, vest or coat. Every boutonnière comes with its own box depending on the “mood” you have chosen :URBAN, CLASSIC, ELEGANT.Details are essential in making the difference…HOW TO WEAR A BOUTONNIERE MY BOUTONNIERE. The boutonnière may be worn during the day, in the evening, casual or formal, in any context, any time of day and when you want to make the difference. Wear it on the left lapel of your classic jacket, casual or sports jacket, on your formal jacket, coat or vest. Position it always above your heart. My Boutonnière may be worn with other accessories; pocket square, tie, bow tie or even with an open shirt, there are no rules on how to co ordinate your boutonnière, IT’S YOUR CHOICE, IT’S YOUR STYLE! It really is a more versatile accessory than most people realize.

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