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Bruna Couture opens new showroom

With some speed as weel in the fashion world, Bruna Couture, on the back of a wave of great success, is now ready to open a new store the next 29 April, with an absolutely original event, almost a perfect choreography in a crescendo of emotions that only guests with invitation can attend.

The great opening event will start with a fashion show in a deconsecrate church, “Croce Nera”, near the actual showroom. During the catwalk in this suggestive location guests will admire wonderful dresses, wrapped in a sinuous and engaging soundtrack with opera singers, Dante Muro and Marianna Muro who will perform live. Followed by an elegant banquet while a tour guide will explain to the guests the splendid frescoes of 1600 in the showroom in collaboration with Aurea Virtus (Image Consultant company) with which Bruna Couture will open in partnership the new showroom in via Del Semibario 5, in Saluzzo, in the province of Cuneo.

Always in Cuneo, the next 6 May 2017, with a private event only for members of the "Circolo l'Caprissi", a prestigious circle founded in 1875 in Cuneo, Bruna Couture will present its new exclusive collection.

For all the lover of uniqueness and sophistication, they are two unmissable events signed by Bruna Couture.

The organization wishes to thank the photographer Stefano Casiraghi and the Airport of Levaldigi in the province of Cuneo. 

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