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BULGARI HORLOGERIE, the great savoir faire of a timeless maison

With a current over 350-strong workforce and integrated production of all watch parts spread over four sites in the Jura mountains, at the heart of a major hub of the most sophisticated skills and crafts, the Manufacture Bulgari has developed so strongly that it now fully masters the production of mechanical watch movements ranging from Grande Complication to ultra-thin hand-wound calibers, as well as standard Solotempo self-winding base movements. Production of the external elements – metal cases and bracelets, high-end dials – is also done internally. The vertical integration that began a few years ago has reached cruising speed and has effectively put Bulgari Watchmaking right up amongst the elite of Swiss watch manufacturers.

Only a few exceptional brands can currently claim global mastery of the multiple processes involved in making a watch – encompassing design and development, mechanical movements, dials as well as metal cases and bracelets. Classic and streamlined, complicated or precious. Watches are all about emotions, like superb works of art that are created by drawing upon a broad range of expertise, as well as time and passion. For behind these complex objects lie a number of age-old skills combined with state-of-the-art technologies. Behind the Fine Watchmaking masterpiece is a vast and complex network, filled with multiple skills – all completely interconnected and independent, backed by cutting-edge technologies or by traditional dexterity in craftsmanship. The Manufacture Bulgari is currently able to master the entire process and to manufacture its creations in-house, the privilege of authentic players in the world of luxury. 

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