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By Andreano in Naples every glove is a little work of art


Andreano is a maison leather goods of Naples, specialized in gloves, born in the 1958. Its artisans create magnificent objects from raw materials of excellent quality. For over forty years, Andreano is a reference point for the production of gloves Distributed in many countries around the world, the "Glove Abdi" is appreciated for its exceptional quality of useful leathers, Andreano is appreciated for its exceptional quality of leather used, but above all for its unique manufacturing, in which it recognizes traditional Neapolitan Glover art intact.

Even today, in its new factory, "Andreano" manages to combine the needs of industrial production with the highest craft specialization. In fact, the leather is a raw material so special that only the irreplaceable experience of man manages to deal in an appropriate way, taking care of every detail from the first phase,

Gloves made in Andreano lab are unmistakable because here the scrupulous application of craftsmen is entirely devoted to giving life, in every single, glove, a small work of art.

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