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Calabarte, art is like a karst river

Art is everywhere in the world and above all, so ethereal, relative and impalpable as an emotion and a whisper of voice in the wind, it lends itself to multiple, inflexible definitions and manifestations of oneself. Art is not only what is usually defined as such by history books and critics, but rather more like a river that flows underground underground and wants nothing more than to find a way to surface and show itself to the world. Calabarte is just like that, a wonderful karst river that directly from Poland shows us that there is beauty in all that surrounds us and perhaps there is even more in what we consider more insignificant, like a pumpkin for example. Apart from the good food and the imaginative carvings of Halloween, what would you do with this common and banal vegetable? Simple: the designer Przemek Krawczyński has been doing Art since 2009. Pure and simple. Its one of a kind lamps, carved, carved, embroidered and decorated are authentic masterpieces of the highest design and craftsmanship. His technique is simply exceptional and every work he does, even on commission of his many admirers spread all over the world, is a unique piece, haute couture, a jewel of style and creativity that will make every environment in which it will be absolutely unique and special.

With studies in civil engineering and architecture Przemek Krawczyński creates sculptures from which the light comes out softly and delicately through the squiggles and the particular motifs that he decided to impress on the pumpkin. Thanks to a special final coating its lamps are very resistant and thus defy time, strong and beautiful. Pure design. Pure craftsmanship. Pure Art.


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