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Calicanto celebrates the great Venetian craftsmanship

Calicanto is the name of a small flower that blooms in winter, giving off an intense aroma. Calicanto is an unusual flower, which opens its corolla with the cold, often with snow.

It is a fantastic contradiction, it is a winter flourish the suoun spontaneous motion that unites two opposites: the frost and the sprouting.

Calicanto, with its essential yet composite nature, is also the name of a brand of leather bags. Conceived and forged with craftsmanship in Italy, looking at the history and nature of Venice, whose genius loci is imbued with all the history of Calicanto.

Venice is an infinite inspiration for Calicanto to model all his creations. From his palaces we have learned that "construction" is an art. Here eternity shapes matter. But Venice is also a scenario of everyday life, where majesty becomes practicality.

Calicanto celebrates Italian craftsmanship, the fine leather goods manufacturer of the Riviera del Brenta, as a daughter of the building art. Because its roots are the same as the plastic arts, architecture, sculpture and design.

Calicanto is artistic and revolutionary craftsmanship, and mixes the geometries, architecture and painting that have animated the Serenissima, with a clean and up-to-date design.

Each bag is sculpted by the hands of artisans who use an ancient legacy but at the disposal of constant creative effervescence. In every Calicanto creation, in fact, genuine savoir-faire corresponds to an equally veritable savoir voir.

Calicanto in fact dedicates "the art of making" to those who own "the art of seeing". See, and understand, the unique excellence of its raw material and the prestige of its workings.


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