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Camera Obscura


The dark room is a place of mystery to most of us. In a residential area in Rome, underground of an elegant building there is a hidden laboratory where magic is done. 

Camera Oscura 01 06 19 2
  Schiaparelli Haute Couture

From developing to manual print two artists use all chemistry and plastic arts technics to obtain the final result. Superposition, contrast, texture, crop we know this words but they have another musicality when acted in there. 

Camera Oscura 01 06 19 3
  Stephane Rolland Haute Couture

"For developing and printing that moment impressed on the film roll, you need time... the time you spend in the dark room to fix under the red light, and slowly, slowly place the undulating paper in the acid bath. A shadow appears, a shape, and then the contrast between the darker and the lighter areas, to finally have in front of your eyes the image you frizzed and only you saw it that way, precisely.  
This is photography, the only art and way men has to stop the passage of time".


Camera Obscura 31 05 19 A
Camera Oscura 01 06 19 4
  Stephane Rolland Haute Couture

Alexandra Mas is using photography like her paintbrush, Marco Tassini masters the technics. Her liberty and his precision bring to us a univers full of mysticism and poetry. They superpose drawings and bits of images, impress the film on partially prepared papers, welcome accidents and give free space to inspiration. 

Camera Oscura 01 06 19 5
To find out more of the artist’s inspirations follow her on instagram @alexandramas_artist

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