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Campanelle by Chantecler

The Campanelle have always been Chantecler's most sought-after jewels. Following its magic chime we enter a fairy world, ruled by joy and peace. A world balanced between simplicity and imagination. A synthesis of delight and light-hearted cheerfulness. Symbol of Chantecler’s philosophy, the Campanella finds its origins in an ancient legend from Capri. A legend where this magical object grants all wishes with its charming sound, a jingle, promise of joy and happiness. Pietro Capuano, Mr. Chantecler, inspired by this old legend commissioned to master Tessitore, one of the most famous bronze casters of the time, the realization of the first Fortune’s Bell, that was offered in 1944 to the former President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who made it chime to mark the end of Second World War. The Bell became thereafter a symbol of Peace and Fortune. From that moment on the small silver replicas of the original bell, the Campanelle, became a must-have jewel for all the international Divas and princesses who chose the Blue Island as their perfect getaway. International travelers who get to Capri and, like everyone, fall in love with it still treasure this small token of happiness. Keep the magic sound of the Chantecler Campanelle always with you and Fortune will be by your side. Crafted in precious stones pavé settings, in gold and diamonds, in hard and semi-precious stones, the Campanelle are small goldsmith's masterpieces to be worn and collected, for a new look every day. Timeless jewels, never out of fashion, whose combinations represent and enhance every woman's style, personality and mood. 

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