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Cannes 2016, Julia Roberts barefoot, the others stars are also shine

Straight from Hollywood four divas absolutely stunning that with their presence and charm have charmed everyone in Cannes: Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst, Naomi Watts and Susan Sarandon.

Julia Roberts, with her famous smile for the premiere of "Money Monster", the new movie directed by Jodie Foster in which she stars with George Cloone, has broken every label walking barefoot on the red carpet.

She was really beautiful in her Armani Privè long dress, total black, with draped bustier and soft drooping sleeves, while Kirsten Dunst, with her charms somewhat disturbing – how not to remember her in the cult movie by Sofia Coppola's "The Virgin suicides"? - on the occasion of the premiere of “Cafè Society” directed by Woody Allen chose a long dress with contrasting pink Gucci floral embroidery. Simple, but impressive.

Special mention also to Naomi Watts in total look Dior in a bright long dress totally embroidered and especially for Susan Sarandon, really iconic because she chose a look that, although part of fashion history, few are brave enough to wear: a suit signed Saint Laurent. Tres chic!

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