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Cannes 2016, two sister on the red carpet, the legendary Kate Moss, and the young Lottie

Splendi couple on the red carpet at the Croisette in Cannes: to parade to the delight of the paparazzi were two sisters, something very rare in the world of show biz. The first is very famous, the second, only eighteen years old, moves now her first important steps in the fashion world, well determined to get out early from the bulky shadow of her magnificent sister. But when the sister is Kate Moss, super top model and real legend in the fashion system, getting ahead is tough, but the young Lottie is trying with all her might and has not missed the limelight of the Cannes Film Festival, even at the cost of dividing the spotlight with her sister, since they both attended the same premiere of the film "Loving" by Jeff Nichols.

Both dressed in red and both accessorized with beautiful jewels signed by Chopard, the two sisters do not resemble each other at all, both physically and in the choice of clothing.

The always wonderful Kate Moss wins the challenge of elegance, with her hair gathered up in a bun, absolutely ladylike in her bright red, draped one shoulder dress. soft and charming, matched with a black clutch and a pair of earrings in platinum with diamonds, two bracelets in platinum with diamonds. All these jewels  belong to the High Jewellery Collection of Chopard.

Lottie Moss chose always red for her dress, but preferring a much minaml and rigorous look, without renouncing to wear amazing jewels belonging to the High Jewellery Collection of Chopard, She worn a 18-carat white gold necklace with diamonds, a pair of earrings in white gold 18 carat with two princess cut diamonds and diamonds and a white gold ring 18 carat with a diamond .

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