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Cettina Bucca fall/winter 2016 collection

Feathers are the protagonists of the FW 2016-17 collection Cettina Bucca. Their symbolism possesses an infinite number of meanings, which share some key words like: purity, freedom, change, courage, journey and inspiration.

While we are on our way feathers can be seen as a message, a means of communication between different worlds. In Celtic mythology the goddess Morrigan wear a cloak made of feathers to move and "fly like a bird in the spiritual world." In the movie world, one of the main element in the wardrobe of a true diva, have always been the feathers, so to dress up as real birds of paradise.

Feathers convey powerful ideals for the sacred exchange of inner energy: the same energy that pervades the new Cettina Bucca's collection, which is dedicated to modern women who face life with a great inner strength. Courageous and creative women who like to travel and face new challenges each day. Muses who choose fashion to tell about themselves through the art of dressing.

The FW16 arises from all these valuable meanings, using feathers as a key element. Dresses, suits, coats and jumpsuits enriched and personalized by fine plumage overimposed on precious fabrics, glam colors and fine details.

The collection has two souls, depicting a meeting between fashion, mythology and ancient symbolism. Rich in evocative representations related to the use of feathers and their deep spiritual significance, the collection recalls the classic retro silhouette, so typical of the 50s, that follow the natural contours of the body, allowing femininity to triumph.

The volume of the clothes binds to the use of the feathers which extend in a tangible way over the edges, hems and belts influencing the amplitude.

Soft and graceful dresses, just below the knee for the day and reaching the ankle for the evening, flared lines, unexpected irregularities, dense textures, colors melted together mark the character of the fascinating and sensual outfits of Cettina Bucca.

The coats, real “must-have”, are large from the waist down, or slightly trapezoidal with feathered details, while the sleeves are only for three quarters.

The dresses seen from behind turn into trouser suits and the curls on the waist create small rigid balloons or flowing lines that closely caress the body.

The use of color creates chromatic harmonies suspended between innocence and seduction, austerity and elegance. The sophistication of the various shades of blue elegantly aligns with the optical purity of white; the optimism and the energy of the orange mixed with yellow mustard welcome the dark power of the color black which always keeps to itself a touch of white and gold. Each garment lives of its chromatic self. Each of these things are united by the forms and elegance inspired by the past.

The collection is completed by a capsules collection of  shirts styled with retro floral features, made from the finest liberty fabrics , inspired by nature in spring and an explosion of colors perfect to wear even during the colder months.

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