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Cettina Bucca “Liber" Fw19/20 Collection

“LIBER” FW 19/20 collection, designed by Cettina Bucca, brings back to the marvelous feeling of freedom exploring the infinite universes of the eclectic Sicilian designer's fantasy and the boundless imagination of those who observe it and choose it as a life style to wear and tell your own harmonious femininity.

The stylistic choice, which gives life to the collection, interprets with delicacy but at the same time impetus, the story of a woman that conceals boundless thoughts and emotions and desires that are transformed into pure joy through by the explosion of colors and graceful silhouettes embracing the body as if they were engaging novels.

The colors, which dye the collection, are warm and recall the nuances of the covers of books collected over the years on the shelves, such as brown, rust, yellow, camel, red. Colours mitigated by the freshness of azure, blue and cream shades and by the nuances of fantasy, of the sea and the sky.

The color palette, from the softest to the darkest, combines and intertwines into unique and unrepeatable stories, giving life to prints that tell the source of inspiration for this collection, the books. Next to the micro patterns appear medium-sized patterns and giant prints that symbolize graphic signs and sketchy geometric figures, abstractions of fascinating minds that meet on frequencies never the same, always new.

The chosen models are graceful and look back at the past while enhancing an absolute modernity. The shapes of the dresses and coats are soft and wide for the part that recalls the vintage style of the 50s to the 60s, and more tight and shaped for the garments that elegantly highlight a strong and intense femininity.

An interweaving of different suggestions that testify the richness of the theme that inspired the collection expressed through an extraordinary mixture of colours, textures and patterns.

The volumes and weights of the fabrics interact with each other in a mix & match game, as if they were created for overlapping.

Fabrics in pure wool, silks, chiffon, velvets, silks / cottons adapt perfectly to the feminine and elegant lines of the collection.

Most of the time the lengths are excessive in the skirts and the dresses that almost touch the floor. Lightness, instead, finds a concrete stylistic translation in harmonious and detailed clothes. 

The precision and the tailoring of the cuts, flanked by these exclusive prints, and the colours, full of charm and personality, make the fabrics fluid and dynamic and witnessing the craftsmanship and tailoring care that have always distinguished and characterized the brand's identity.

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