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Chakra Collection by Josephine Bonair

Joséphine Bonair presented a collection on the theme of the chakra colors at the Monte Carlo Fashion Week.

Through this collection Barbara Di Lorenzo, art director of the Fashion House, seeks to express the true nature of women. She draws her inspiration from her own introspection, far from the constraints imposed by trends. "Luxury today is about being yourself, women must be real, and they don't have to play a different role.

Two creations have been made thanks to the collaboration with partners as Berkeley International and GSM Crystal emotion. "It was very natural for me to associate my image with Berkeley International. We evolve in the same universe. We are looking with different ways to make people happy and believe that love is a victory."  Joséphine Bonair merges the world of fashion with ancient spiritual wisdom. This collection’s color palate was chosen in connection to the rainbow progression of the Chakra System.


Maria Christina Rigano

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