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Chanel launches a make-up line for men

For the series courses and recourses of the male image in the history of the costume, the facial makeup for him was promoted or banned as unmanly, according to historical periods. But now the make-up for the 4.0 male is back in vogue thanks to Chanel that launches a line of make-up for him, "Boy De Chanel": colored fluid, lip balm and a stylus to define the eyebrows, to get a result natural. A line inspired by that Boy Capel that Gabrielle Chanel loved for a lifetime. It is an important launch that not only includes the vision of the universe of the Maison, namely that "beauty is not a question of gender, but of style", but that emphasizes once more and with force how much makeup for men is gaining strength and importance, for the message that accompanies it: to be nothing but themselves, to get rid of conventions and reinvent the rules, because "being unique is more interesting than being perfect".

The first signs of this trend had happened some time ago, particularly in 2013 when economic estimates showed a figure: men spent more on beauty products. In 2018, the next step forward: in Korea, men were always the first to clear the make up but above all the idea that make-up is used to improve and feel good about yourself.

A style lesson that comes from far, in truth, because already rock stars such as David Bowie, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, just to name a few, in the '60s / 70s used make up to define better his own personality and, better still, his own aesthetic.


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